Integrate and enhance the value of your video and print collateral assets through KEEPAR.


Buyers will walk out of your display homes with brochures, but want to view and engage with your videos in their own time . KEEPAR makes access to these videos easy and simple on personal mobile devices. It allows people the freedom to watch your video’s and daydream about their life in an Okeland Community.

KEEPAR will convert your current printed brochures into a multi-media experience through Augmented Reality technology with analytical data allowing you to know the demographics of who is engaging with your printed assets.


Part of a corporate event, is the sale of sponsorship packages including brochure material such as lanyard sponsors, table brochure and bag satchel sponsors. Offering your sponsors additional benefits of printing media, boosts sponsorship benefits.


Prove to prospective sellers you are on top of technology used to sell property, with KEEPAR. Real Estate is about selling a dream/lifestyle to someone, whether it’s residential or commercial. Prospective buyers will use the KEEPAR app to directly receive¬† your video content to mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. They will be transported to the essence of the property , remaining engaged with Real State Agents through non-intrusive marketing channels with KEEPAR.¬†