Funeral Memorial Videos - The Most Important Video Ever

When my Sister, Sally, died nearly two years ago, I was astounded by the amount required to coordinate her funeral and how little time we had for each decision. The guidance & support of our Funeral Advisor is something I will forever be grateful for. One of the valuable pieces of advice the Advisor gave us was to put some focus on creating the memorial video. It is such an important part of the process in celebrating a person’s life. Going through photos as a family and reliving old memories was a very warm experience. The actual viewing of the video in the service itself was significant – it breaks the mood, introduces some laughter and joyous tears as you remember that special person. This video is truly the most important video of a person’s life! It should be held onto and ready to watch when the wave of emotions hit again and again.

After Sally’s service had finished, our Advisor presented us with our package of memories – a lovely book of photos, some Order of Service booklets and some DVD’s!! Yes, DVD’s! I didn’t even know they were still in circulation and none of this was helpful to all the other attendees who wanted to access to the video memorial. Even if we could figure out everyone who wanted a keepsake, how could I send them a DVD, would they even own a DVD player? How do I even watch the video again?

We had beautiful booklets made, we had a beautiful video made, we live-streamed the service for those who could not attend – but we had no tangible, eco-friendly way to access and share these incredibly important memories. This is why I created KEEPAR.

The New Normal

Recent global events have changed the landscape of how we live and attending traditional funeral service has been impacted. The appetite across the world for technology that keeps us connected has never been as strong and so widely adopted.

Luckily here in Australia restrictions are starting to lift now. I can only imagine how tough it must be to have lost someone during the lockdown and have to face the attendance restrictions, making it difficult for everyone to share a moment together and share memories.

Funeral homes that had already embraced technology like live streaming and KEEPAR, which puts funeral memories in the palm of family’s hands through mobile technology, were ahead of the game and able to support families through those uncertain times. 

"One of the valuable pieces of advice the Advisor gave us was to put some focus on creating the memorial video."

Technology Is The New Normal

These changing times have proven that indeed, funeral service memories are important, and families want to watch the funeral service of a loved one after a service has concluded. Mobiles and tablets are used to watch everything! DVD’s and USB’s don’t integrate with modern expectations, they create landfill and give you no data on these important memorial pieces. KEEPAR features the ability to analyse how often funeral memories are watched, when, where and even how often they are shared. Funeral Homes can now provide a genuine and simple service to clients, keeping their brand at the front of mind to a whole range of people.

Readings at a Funeral Service, music played, photo tributes and funeral service videos are viewed at peak levels the first few days after a service has concluded and re-engaged when anniversaries, Birthday’s, Christmas, Mothers & Father’s Day come around. KEEPAR becomes important again to easily access those memories.

Authentic Solution

When my sister died, I needed the ability to sit in my car alone, or under my blankets and watch her photo tribute, listen to her favourite songs and have a good old cry because I missed her. That is one of the reasons KEEPAR exists. Those memories are important and Funeral Homes need to ensure they are available whenever families need them, wherever they are in the world.

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