Easy access to important, personal videos whenever you want.


Simply download the KEEPAR app and scan over an “enabled” image. This may be an order of service booklet for a funeral or a wedding, a birthday invite or thank you card. You will then receive the beautiful video’s that are produced for these events – Think memorials, wedding reception highlights or gender reveals.


We make access to your videos easy to view, and simple to share with family and friends.


Easily interact with your videos and connect. Donate to a preferred cause, access a gift registry, call, email or message your loved one.


We keep our system easy to use and focus on your personal experience, not collecting data.


KEEPAR is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform, delivered through a smartphone, via a native app.

Our goal is about getting important personal content into people’s hands easily and allowing them to connect with those personal memories when they want to.

Simply find an image which has the KEEPAR logo on it, open the KEEPAR app and scan – you will receive your video memory for you to watch, download, share and interact with.

Step 1

Find a KEEPAR branded product.

Step 2

Scan through the KEEPAR app to view a video.